Startup releases FREE netflow/syslog forensics tool

Dark Reading reports that:

A new security startup founded by former Los Alamos National Laboratory security experts will come out of stealth mode on Tuesday, with a commercial version of an incident response tool they had built for the government lab.

Santa Fe, N.M.-based Packet Analytics will officially roll out Net/FSE Network Forensic Search Engine software, which collects and organizes Cisco NetFlow and syslog log data into a searchable format, helping analysts to investigate breaches as soon as they occur.

The real-time tool is based on technology licensed exclusively from Los Alamos, which has been using the tool for five years to handle incident response investigations.

Packet Analytics is offering a free download of the basic tool, which supports up to one million events per day. Anything higher incurs a licensing fee — anywhere from $1,495 for up to 3 million events per day to $18,950 for 50 million events per day.

Neat stuff! And how rarely the words “free” and “forensic” go together :-)

Now I feel old

Dez has posted a link to the SUCS@20 home page. I am slightly staggered that a computer society I was involved with is still going strong 20 years later! Lord I feel old.

I remember beach parties, which had the police turning up to prevent a breach of the Criminal Justice Bill (we directed them to the Christian Union bonfire further down, where heretics were brightly blazing). I remember heaving machines into the back of vans (UKERNA were disposing of three Sun-4’s and who were we to let them go to waste?)

Fun days, and I learned a lot. However, knowing what I know now, I wish I’d spent more time at university learning how to tango.