Your Mac’s whacked

Gadi Evron writes in an email:
For whoever didn’t hear, there is a Macintosh trojan in-the-wild being dropped, infecting mac users.

Yes, it is being done by a regular online gang – it is not yet another proof of concept. The same gang infects Windows machines as well, just that now they also target macs.

Screenshot of New Mac Trojan from Sunbelt

Sunbelt says “Mackanapes can now feel the pain!”

This means one thing: Apple’s day has finally come and Apple users are going to get hit hard. All those unpatched vulnerabilities from years past are going to bite them in the behind.

I can sum it up in one sentence: OS X is the new Windows 98. Investing in security ONLY as a last resort losses money, but everyone has to learn it for themselves.

Ouch. No such thing as e-crime, eh?