Scribd: doing sensible things with iPaper

How do you keep your electronic documents? More to the point, how do you publish and distribute them?
Most people create documents using MS Office or OpenOffice. I’ve switched from Adobe Photoshop to The Gimp for all my graphics work, its a lovely little program. But when I send stuff to publishers, I am still stuck with churning out PDF’s. Its received wisdom that its a bad idea to send out the original office docs – too many comments, metadata snippets, and of course, the risk of change.
I’ve used pdfFactory from Fineprint for a while. I like it, its a nice PDF file converter that gives me little pain. However, there’s still the thorny issue of managing and distributing all those documents electronically. Wouldn’t it be nice to say “here’s a link to the document and I’ll keep it updated with the latest version?”
Enter ScribD. They provide a hosting service where your documents live, and can easily be displayed to the world, or kept private. For fun, you can even embed them in a blog post. Here’s an old presentation I did in 2006:

Read this doc on Scribd: OTR 2006 Presentation

And because RSS usually kills embedded objects, you can click on the link directly at

I like this, and even more impressive, they responded in about 5 minutes when I asked them when they would support OpenID.