iPhone location consolidated.db to Google Earth KML

Having watched the media storm over the iPhone location database erupt in the last few days, I wonder why I didn’t release this before. First credit should go to Chris Vance and Nathan Broslawsky who discovered this in Sept 2010 – they were extremely helpful when I contacted them for advice in a forensics case. We all kept quiet in the interests of “responsible disclosure” – ah well.

Now its all out in the public domain, I release the hack script which converts an iPhone database into a Google Earth KML map.

There are lots of other useful tricks for mobile forensics!

(Now on github)

One of the nice things….

The Security geek community is a widespread one, and I’ve not talked with Vaughn Cordero, the author of the frankly awesome Mobile Sync Browser before. If you are trying to recover data from a bust iPhone backup, this is probably the only thing you need.

Vaughn is a thoroughly nice guy, and when he got my email out of the blue asking a forensic question, he responded as follows:

I usually have a look-see at individuals before dispensing these licenses, but anyone who listens to ELO can’t be half-bad, right? :)


Many thanks for your help, this one’s for you.